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Face and Neck Lift Surgery

Face and Neck Lift Surgery in Toowoomba

A face and neck lift, also called a meloplasty or rhytidectomy, tightens the face and neck tissues to create a younger, more refreshed appearance. It can reduce fine lines, furrows, wrinkles, creases, and folds in the facial skin while toning the cheeks and tightening saggy jowls. It may also use small amounts of liposuction to remove fat and reduce heaviness, particularly under the chin. They can also redistribute fat into areas such as the cheeks to round out the face. If you want a smoother and younger-looking face, a face and neck lift may be for you.

There are many different types of face and neck lift options, each involving a different approach and different result. Approaches are usually named by the type or location of incision used, though the terms used to describe them are not standardised – what one surgeon refers to as an ’S-lift’ may mean a skin-only facelift, while that of another may include deeper tissue lifting.

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Eligibility for face and neck lift surgery

You may be eligible for a face lift if you are a fully developed adult wishing to reduce deep facial wrinkles, reduce deep skin folds around the nose and mouth, and tighten saggy jowls. Most patients opt to get a facelift around age 40–60, though they are routinely performed in healthy people up to age 90 with excellent results. Due to associated surgical and healing risks, you must also refrain from smoking (including all nicotine replacement therapies) for at least six weeks before and after your procedure.

Facelifts do not treat fine wrinkles, sun damage, creases around the nose, or uneven skin tone. If you want to address these concerns, you may wish to opt for procedures like skin resurfacing or a brow and forehead lift in addition to (or instead of) a standard face and neck lift.

Traditional facelifts tighten skin around the cheeks, chin, and neck. They do not impact the skin above the cheekbones (eyes, eyebrows & forehead). To remove deep wrinkles or sagging skin in these areas, you may wish to consider a brow and forehead lift, or eyelid reduction surgery.

People with less significant ageing may opt for less-invasive approaches like the mini facelift (or S-lift). It offers a smaller incision and minimal downtime compared to traditional facelifts, but the results are less dramatic. It also does not address the lower neck – patients wishing to address crepey neck skin, or fatty neck deposits, will need a different approach.

There are no real alternatives to ear pinning surgery. Surgically removing or reshaping the ear’s cartilage is the only reliable way to permanently adjust the ear’s angle. If you wish to avoid an otoplasty that reconstructs the ear’s shape after an injury or birth defect, you may choose to wear a prosthesis instead. This can make the ear appear more normal but does not affect the ear’s physical structure.

What can I expect from my face and neck lift surgery?

Neck lifts and facelifts are very extensive procedures. They require significant downtime to recover fully, but they can achieve significant results. You will usually spend 3–6 hours in the operating theatre (longer if you undergo complementary procedures at the same time) but can go home on the same day in many cases. Extensive procedures may require an overnight stay.

Although they can make you appear younger, facelifts do not halt the ageing process. As a result, the results of a face lift usually last 5-12 years without extra measures to sustain its effects. You should expect your face to continue ageing naturally as time passes.

Scars are unavoidable after a face and neck lift. Your plastic surgeon works to conceal them with your skin’s natural folds and they fade significantly with time but will be present nonetheless. The incisions usually start at the temples and continue around the front of the ear to end at the lower scalp, sometimes being accompanied by another small scar under the chin. You may wish to consult a hairdresser and choose a new style to cover the lines if this bothers you.  

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