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Rhinoplasty in Toowoomba

We understand the importance of looking and feeling your best self. Whether it’s related to fluctuating weight, inherited features, trauma or ageing, insecurities are extremely personal and sensitive aspects of our lives.  Fortunately, there is a range of aesthetic procedures available and our experienced surgeons are here to help you. 

Eligibility for a nose job

The bones in the face need to be mature before you undergo a rhinoplasty. This usually happens at ages 16–25, with girls maturing faster than boys. As growing bones may affect how your nose job heals and lasts, you should be a fully developed adult to get a rhinoplasty.

You also need to be a non-smoker or quit smoking completely at least six weeks prior to your surgery (including all nicotine replacement therapies).

 Before the procedure, your surgeon will tell you that you should stop smoking. You will need to abstain from smoking at least six weeks after your rhinoplasty as well. Drinking alcohol is also strongly discouraged.

Smoking and alcohol severely compromise blood flow to the skin, less oxygen will be available to aid in the wound-healing process, and necrosis (death of the skin) can occur. Additionally, you need to temporarily cease medications such as blood thinners which can have similar effects.

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What to expect from rhinoplasty surgery?

Since the nose is a [defining] feature of the face, a nose job may drastically change your appearance. However, there are limits to what a rhinoplasty can do. Your surgeon must work with your nose’s existing cartilage and bone to reshape it – it is possible to graft extra cartilage from elsewhere in your body if needed, though this may complicate the procedure.

Rhinoplasty is generally not covered by Medicare or by private health insurance, so the procedure incurs some out-of-pocket costs. These include the cost of your consultation, surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees, medication, dressings, hospital and clinic fees, and other costs which your surgeon will inform you about prior to surgery.

Rhinoplasty is not an anti-ageing procedure, but it may help bring your face into proportion and give a younger, healthier appearance overall.

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