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Tips to Prepare for your Plastic Surgery Consultation

You have decided to have plastic surgery, found your prospective plastic surgeon and booked an appointment for a consultation. What now?

Be prepared.

Selecting a plastic surgeon should not be taken lightly. After all, this is your body and health on the line. Being prepared does not mean doing an internet search on your phone right before your consultation; you need to take a few hours to truly research the procedure you want to have and to think through your questions and concerns. I recommend making a list of questions to bring with you during your consultation, that way you can make sure to get all the information you need. Be as specific as you can in your questions, but don’t be too aggressive. Being aggressive can make it difficult for you and your surgeon to work together. It is normal to have fears and anxieties. Discuss them with your surgeon at this consultation. Also, feel free to take notes. This can help ease your anxiety and can be a great reference if you forget any details discussed during the consultation.

Know what you want.

I recommend the mirror test. Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and truly look at yourself for 10-15 minutes. What do you see that you like? What do you see that you do not like? What would you change? Now, write it down and bring it with you to your initial consultation so that you can get firm, immediate feedback, and answers to any and all of these questions. There is also the adage, a picture is worth a thousand words. Scour the internet for the ideal look, whether it be lips, waists, breast size or another attribute. Bring these pictures with you to help express what you want to your surgeon.

You need to be receptive.

Remember to keep an open mind. When chosen correctly, your plastic surgeon is the expert. You might think you need one procedure when in fact a completely different procedure will give you better results for what you want. Making the decision to have plastic surgery is transformative and exciting. However, such excitement induces a certain amount of apprehension, and you will need to discuss this in every detail.

I wouldn’t say that the plastic surgeon so much works on you as much as he or she works with you. A relationship with a plastic surgeon, I find in my practice, is not a one-off event. Ideally, the relationship develops into a long-term partnership between you and your plastic surgeon. Together you and your surgeon can determine what is needed to look your best and be your best while taking into consideration your needs and your body type.

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